Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)

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The novel What Lay Beyond confidently states that French is his mother tongue:.

Startled, the captain looked at the interface and saw its expression had not changed. The words were in French, his native tongue. The novelisation for Generations states that his conversation with his wife and children in the Nexus is in French with the proviso that this is a weird alternate dimension where weird things happen.

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He whirled, and saw his gentle captor—golden-haired, straight, slender—smiling at him with the same indulgent love in her green eyes. He had never met her; yet he knew that this beautiful creature was Elise, his wife of the past sixteen years. And she had spoken to him in French. I would presume that Jean-Luc Picard is fluent in French. It is possible that his French is a bit rusty from lack of use. If, as suggested, Data's comment of French being an obscure language implies it is rarely used, Capt.

Picard may have limited opportunities to keep his French polished. Sunday dinner.

French-English Dictionary (35,273 Entries)

We would all sing afterward. If, as is possible even now, he was raised with French in-home and Federation Basic for school and all outside interactions, then he'd be a native bilingual, equally fluent in both languages. It is not fair to judge the character's language skill, or fluency, by that of the writers, and the audience. Naturally the foreign language used in a show is going to be simple or tourist-level, otherwise the audience is going to need open captions for the foreign phases. There are several episodes where they have to "tune in" to a language to turn it from "incomprehensible Alienese" to "normal English" - it is entirely possible that Captain Picard is frequently speaking French , and everyone else just hears a translation in their own language.

Data's off hand comment that French is considered obscure shouldn't be given too much weight. Picard was clearly rather irritated by it, as a native speaker would be. Besides who knows what consistutes an obscure language in the 24th century? Only a few hundred million speakers, mostly on Earth? Perhaps Data considers any langage to be obscure if it doesn't dominate at least a half dozen highly populated worlds. As was noted above, Picard could well be speaking French through the Universal translator most of the time. This isn't contradicted at all by the fact that we occasionally hear a few lines in French; when we see events unfolding aboard a Klingon vessel we usually get the vast majority of dialogue in English and only a few lines of Klingon, but we can safely assume those conversations are occuring entirely in Klingonese.

Furthermore, the universal translator might be the explaination for Picard's British Accent. Perhaps a more laid-back and easygoing francophone, such as Monsieur La Forge would be assigned an American accent. He clearly can speak french. He knows real french songs.

Historical context: the New World

He clearly followed a french education when he was a kid. But his accent is awful I had to read the subtitle during his conversation with Minuet I am Parisian and I did not recognized their accent :o. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is Picard actually fluent in French? Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 6 months ago. Active 9 months ago. Viewed 12k times. Let me throw out a few examples and potential evidence either way: We have heard Picard utter isolated words and phrases in French "merde", "maman" and, in "": PICARD: "Incroyable!

Related questions: Was Picard speaking French and being translated the entire time? Why did Data call the French language "obscure"? What indications are there that there are other Terran languages in common use in Star Trek? Items related to Coups de Ciseaux. Et Autres Histoires English Thierry Jonquet Coups de Ciseaux. Thierry Jonquet. Publisher: Contemporary French Fiction , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

ISBN 13: 9782757841594

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Book in almost Learn more about this copy. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Contemporary French Fiction Used Quantity Available: 2. Seller Rating:. Ben Jonson 's influence : in , a Masque was presented before King James. According to William Poole, Francis Godwin must have heard of Jonson 's masque one way or another, as the masque was never published in his lifetime.

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We trust Poole but want to add something. To start with, the first person narrative, the Spanish name, the flight from the home town following a duel, the ingenious-ridiculous flying device invented, the strange position Domingo finds himself in several times, first at the court of the Lunars, then with the Mandarins in China The True history is a remarkable Second century satirical story telling a voyage to the moon, populated with bald homosexuals.

Retour en haut de page Who are the Lunars? Retour en haut de page Influence of Godwin on the others. Cyrano even makes a reference to Domingo Gonsales, which the narrator and voyager to the moon encounters then; the Queen apparently mistook him for a monkey, and so she kept him.

Que faites vous ici ! Bane - Batman The Dark Knight Rises.

Influence on Gulliver : it is then easy to see the link between Cyrano's work and Swift 's Gulliver just through that excerpt. Both are of the same vein, satirical and picaresque rather than utopian. Influence on H.

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Retour en haut de page Utopian tradition. But to us it clearly belongs to the utopian tradition. Light-heartedly or nor, Godwin is interested in exploring other worlds, other societies, made possible by the combined shocks to human history of rapid exploratory and scientific progress since the end of the Fifteenth century, since the beginning of the Renaissance.

Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)
Vous êtes ici (FICTION) (French Edition)

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